About US

WineUponATime.com is an online sales site for fine wines, fine wines and old vintages.

For 5 years, we have been committed to offering products that we select ourselves for their quality and exceptional character.

After 5 years spent by your side at the Martigny vinothèque, we have chosen to focus and specialize on the online sale of great wines and exceptional nectars. For amateurs and epicureans, your happiness is here. Our team of two (3 including the cat) is made up of wine enthusiasts graduates from the Burgundy School of Business and its specialized CIVS Master.

Where does the wines come from?

Te sources of supply are diverse. However, whatever bottle is involved, the most important element is the LEVEL. A wine with a low level necessarily indicates that the air has taken the place of the wine and, therefore, that the remaining wine has been degraded by oxidation. It is also checked that there has been no sagging at the level of the neck and / or that the cork has changed from its original place. These signs are indicators of a thermal shock and therefore of a rapid contraction or expansion of the wine. A cork sticking out and traces of sagging and you can consider your beloved Pauillac to be good for the Sangria. Plus the color of the wine through the glass and the condition of the bottom of the cork is very important as well. 

A part comes from our personal cellar, from bottles that we have bought for years during our travels or our visits in estates. Part of it comes from cellar buyout, tastes change over time. Many of our customers wish to taste wines "in the fruit" and forget or leave their beautiful bottles in their cellar. After checking the quality (including tasting a few bottles) we buy back what the owner wants to give us at a fair price.

Part of it comes from auctions. Over the years we have established good relationships with serious auction houses. We check the provenance of the bottles and their condition of preservation. Often the bottles come from collectors' cellars or stocks from restaurant closings. Also we do not buy much on auction sites between individuals. If we do this it is after verifying the provenance, the quality of the seller and, often, we taste a few wines from the same seller to verify the quality. If there is the slightest doubt about the condition of conservation (questionable color, level too low, abnormal positioning of the cap, etc.) we do not buy.

cave amateuravant hospice de beauneshospices de beaunes 1955 après

How are the wines stored?

We are a small company that do "hand-sewn". Therefore we do not need large air-conditioned and ventilated energy-intensive warehouses. Our wines are stored in 3 different natural underground cellars, the main one is located in Valais, Switzerland. The humidity level varies between 80% and 85% and the temperature between 12 ° C and 15 ° C as saying that we are delighted. The downside is the slight lack of space and the difficulty to access to the wines. Each order preparation therefore requires certain acrobatics skills on a scale and a large organization for stock management.

niveau température et humiditécavecave

How do we set the prices?

This is a highly technical and scientific method which consists of the following: Systematically offering the best market price. For this, we use specialized search engines like wine-searcher.com to find the prices of our competitors. Sometimes we get carried away with buying certain bottles that we like and pay a little too much for them. There are two solutions, sell with an almost non-existent margin or drink the bottles, because this is how we learn from our mistakes.

During cellar buyouts, we must offer fair prices to sellers and our future customers. Many semi-professional sellers (you know the ones who sell thousands of bottles without paying any tax) on auction websites rely on Idealwine ratings. You should know that the Idealwine prices include the 20% of fees collected by the site and do not take into account the + -15% of sales fees taken from the seller. To put it simply, for a bottle sold for 100 chf on Idealwine, the seller will receive about 65 chf, ditto for auction houses. We therefore try to offer prices equivalent to + -70% of the wine real market price.

If you have any questions, write to us at info@wineuponatime.com we will be happy to answer you.

If you have any questions or would like to sell your wines in Valais, Switzerland, Switzerland or France, write to us at info@wineuponatime.com, we will be happy to answer you quickly.