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White wines

Discover here our selection of white wines from France mainly and from around the world. Are you looking for well-known references, big houses or more or less famous small winegrowers and producers? You are in the right place, or at least on the right page.

We are in a golden period for lovers of white wines. The era of chardonnays that are too oily, too woody, too buttery and Sauvignons too sweet and too "exotic" planted everywhere seems to be over. The regions are returning to their classic style and allow us to discover or rediscover old or forgotten grape varieties.

 The wines of the Loire and the Jura, fresh and authentic, are particularly trendy and that's good! The Burgundians are reinventing themselves to adapt to rising temperatures, producing wines that are livelier, more suitable for aging and less subject to oxidation (at least for some of them). Nuggets are emerging in the South-West, the Rhône valley and in Bordeaux.

Beautiful tastings in perspective for those who wish to discover this selection.

Exceptional white wines online. Discoveries, rarities for all budget

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