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2000 is a very fine vintage in the Médoc but also in the Graves where the homogeneity of the whites is notable and where the reds have extraordinary aging potential. The Pomerols are superb, the wines are supple and smooth in the Libournais, it really is the year of Bordeaux not to be missed.

The Sauternes were a little less spoiled, due to the rain the harvest is poor, but despite everything there are some very elegant nuggets.

In Burgundy, it is quite heterogeneous but a good vintage despite everything. The whites are very beautiful and balanced.

In Champagne, the Pinots Noirs are superb, but the acidity is low enough, they will not be able to age forever.

Very great whites in the Côtes du Rhône, the reds are fleshy, powerful and generous.

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