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A varied selection of wines for beginners or experienced amateurs.

The bottles are all available individually and at the best price. You can order and have wines delivered quickly for a tasting at home, for an original birthday, wedding or business gift. Find the best wine bottles for you and advices for wine pairing. Create your tasting kit for beginners or expert, we are always available to help you.

Grand crus, rare and new wines, old wines and old vintages, organic, natural or biodynamic, from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Jura, Languedoc, Italy or worldwide, it's all there.

Online wines: Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, Jura, Loire, Rhone and more


  • White wines

    Discover here our selection of white wines from France mainly and from around the world. Are you looking for well-known references, big houses or more or less famous small winegrowers and producers? You are in the right place, or at least on the right page.

    We are in a golden period for lovers of white wines. The era of chardonnays that are too oily, too woody, too buttery and Sauvignons too sweet and too "exotic" planted everywhere seems to be over. The regions are returning to their classic style and allow us to discover or rediscover old or forgotten grape varieties.

     The wines of the Loire and the Jura, fresh and authentic, are particularly trendy and that's good! The Burgundians are reinventing themselves to adapt to rising temperatures, producing wines that are livelier, more suitable for aging and less subject to oxidation (at least for some of them). Nuggets are emerging in the South-West, the Rhône valley and in Bordeaux.

    Beautiful tastings in perspective for those who wish to discover this selection.

  • Red wines

    All bottles are available individually, without extra cost. Because we believe that everyone should be able to indulge themselves by offering a bottle of legend without having to buy the entire case.

    The bottles are selected according to several criteria.

    Objective criteria: Level of wine, quality of conservation, aging potential, rare or neglected vintage, reputation and recurring demand from our customers.

    The less objective criteria: We like the style of the wine and the mindset of the château or the estate. We tasted bottles that left us with good memories. We like the label. and the famous "Who cares ? It's okay, if we don't sell this bottle we will drink it" (Christophe with each bottle purchase)

    We love old wines, because only aging in good conditions can give birth to certain particular aromas and give rise to great emotions, making certain tastings unique and unforgettable.

    Here you will find wines "ready to drink" or "in the fruit" with an interesting aging potential.

  • Champagnes

    Champagne and Wuat is a great love story. First, because Davinia is from there, then because it is with these wines that we have the most beautiful memories.

    Wine lovers are numerous, Champagne lovers a little less and lovers of old Champagnes are rare. And yet, thanks to its natural acidity and its bubbles, Champagne has a great aptitude for aging if it is stored in good conditions and protected from light. The magnum format is particularly suitable for long aging.

    If you are here, you have probably already tasted great cuvées, more or less old, like Dom Pérignon, La Belle Epoque or Cristal. But have you ever tasted an old Ruinart, an old Pommery, or a Mumm? They are often grandiose and their price / pleasure ratio is incredible.

    But it's not just the big houses. For a decade, small winegrowers (RM) have produced remarkable vintages that we invite you to discover.

  • Sweet and Liquorous wines

    Sweet and syrupy wines are not just pretty golden and sweet wines that you take out of your cellar to please your aunt for Christmas! It is above all a world of tasting offering unique aromas of saffron, candied fruits, spices of white and yellow flowers and more.

    Another advantage with these wines is their aptitude for aging. Well preserved, you can keep them a hundred years or more for the best vintages! You want to make a birthday gifts. But do you doubt the quality or the value of a bottle? With the sweet wines, don't have any more, it will always be good.

  • Magnums

    Wine or Champagne in Magnum format is perfect for several reasons :

    - For large tables: the magnum always has its effect and allows you to serve all of your guests

    - To offer: the magnum always makes a strong impression

    - For its aptitude for conservation: the magnum is the ideal format for keeping, the liquid being less in contact with the air than in a classic bottle, the wine is less likely to oxidize and thus to age in long periods. good conditions

    - Simply to have more to drink :)

    In short, for a birthday, a meal, an occasion or just to appreciate it to its full potential in several years, the Magnum format is really perfect!

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