Sweet and Liquorous wines

Sweet and syrupy wines are not just pretty golden and sweet wines that you take out of your cellar to please your aunt for Christmas! It is above all a world of tasting offering unique aromas of saffron, candied fruits, spices of white and yellow flowers and more.

Another advantage with these wines is their aptitude for aging. Well preserved, you can keep them a hundred years or more for the best vintages! You want to make a birthday gifts. But do you doubt the quality or the value of a bottle? With the sweet wines, don't have any more, it will always be good.

Sweet and Liquorous wines


  • Sauternes - Barsac

    At the opposite of what you might think, Sauternes and Barsac are not "easy" wines to taste. Whether young or very old, Sauternes have such a great aromatic depth that it is almost impossible to fathom it, even for great tasters.

    There is a classification established in Sauternes since 1855 (as much to say yesterday). To put it simply, Yquem is above the rest in front of Rieussec, Coutet, Guiraud, La Tour Blanche and many others. Each of these Château has its own style, more or less powerful, more or less spicy etc. Also it is important to select a Sauternes according to what you like, without taking into account the classification.

    For the Sweet wines and perhaps even more than elsewhere, the quality of the vintage is capital, because it is the climatic conditions that determine the presence, or not, of the famous Botrytis or noble rot.

  • Hungary

    You like sweet wines and want to discover Hungarian wines made from the Furmint grape variety, it's here. Tokay, are produced from the Tokaj region (still with me ?) and are among the oldest and most sought after wines in the world. Vinification with local grape varieties and the presence of botrytis do not however make them similar to Sauternes. Here the Puttonyos (harvest hood) of noble grains present in the wine, are the most important. The more, the better! The highest value, above 6 being the eszencia.

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