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Are you looking for an old wine or a particular vintage to celebrate a birthday, an important event or simply as a gift related to the year of birth? Here you will find all of our available wines sorted by vintage.

Old Champagnes but also old Burgundies, Bordeaux grands crus, rare and special wines from many production areas.

The bottles you see in the picture are the ones that will be delivered to you. We pay particular attention to the level of the wine in the bottle, its color and the absence of any traces of dripping on the cork. Next come the condition of the label and any signs of wear or scratches on the bottle which in no way affect the quality of the wine.

Certain non-vintage bottles of Champagne may appear in vintages corresponding to their production period.

Old vintages from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone, Jura, Loire

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