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The Beaujolais vineyard covers more than 17,000 hectares. Gamay Noir reigns supreme in the region.

Beyond "Beaujolais", there are also more to the North the appellations "Morgon", "Juliénas", "Saint-Amour", "Brouilly" or even "Moulin-à-vent" each possessing a specific character linked to its terroir.

Beaujolais "Nouveau" is known worldwide every third Thursday of November, it is the occasion to celebrate the new wine. But behind this jovial side of "Beaujolais Nouveau" hides some very beautiful cuvées in this region.

The white and rosé Beaujolais, as well as the crémants, are produced in a much more confidential way.

Jean Foillard and Marcel Lapierre are two estates that have greatly contributed to the renewal of Beaujolais. Marcel Lapierre is a pioneer in natural wine and Jean Foillard has followed the same path.

Beaujolais wines : Marcel Lapierre and Jean Foillard two great masters of biodynamics

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