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Red wines

All bottles are available individually, without extra cost. Because we believe that everyone should be able to indulge themselves by offering a bottle of legend without having to buy the entire case.

The bottles are selected according to several criteria.

Objective criteria: Level of wine, quality of conservation, aging potential, rare or neglected vintage, reputation and recurring demand from our customers.

The less objective criteria: We like the style of the wine and the mindset of the château or the estate. We tasted bottles that left us with good memories. We like the label. and the famous "Who cares ? It's okay, if we don't sell this bottle we will drink it" (Christophe with each bottle purchase)

We love old wines, because only aging in good conditions can give birth to certain particular aromas and give rise to great emotions, making certain tastings unique and unforgettable.

Here you will find wines "ready to drink" or "in the fruit" with an interesting aging potential.

Exceptional old reds, rarity or discovery, available individually

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