Rum Caroni 1997- 61.5% vol - Bristol Classic Rum
  • Rum Caroni 1997- 61.5% vol - Bristol Classic Rum
  • Buy rum caroni 1997
  • Buy Rum Caroni 1997- 61.5% vol - Bristol Classic Rum
  • Buy Caroni Bristol Classic
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Rum Caroni 1997 - 61.5% vol - Bristol Classic Rum

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70 cl - 61.5% Vol

Distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2015

Bottle in perfect condition, oxidation on the base of the box


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The legendary Caroni Distillery started operating in 1918 and was the state distillery of Trinidad. It had its own sugar factory to ensure its supply of local sugar cane. Until 2002, the year in which the government of Trinidad decided to close it, it only produced "heavy rums" (understand lumberjack rums)

WUAT's opinion: Caroni is to Rhum what Château Lafite is to Pauillac, it is a piece with a recognizable style.

When you read the tasting notes, you can read subtle and poetic details, but it worth for a Speyside whisky, not a Caroni ! Let's be frank, this rum is intended for a very informed public looking to rediscover the unique sensation that one experiences when tasting it. It's a bit like stiffness after sports training, it hurts but we want more.

It displays aromas of burning tar (you know when you pass by a work area in summer), pine sap and various essences of wood, musk, prunes, leather and sometimes horse dung. (yes I insist on it)

If you've never tasted this rum, it's a shame for you, but you still have some opportunities to catch up. But please avoid the versions downgraded to 40% vol.

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70 cl
Trinidad & Tobago
% alc.

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