Jean François Ganevat - J'en Veux Encore 2018
  • Jean François Ganevat - J'en Veux Encore 2018
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Ganevat - J'en Veux Encore 2018

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Level: Perfect

Color: Perfect

Label: Possibly slightly stained

Wax: Almost perfect

Condition: Excellent


Jean François Ganevat - J'en Veux Encore (2018 non vintage wines)

One of the cuvées of the already legendary Jura winemaker whose bottles are now inaccessible or almost.

Vinification without added sulfur. Without fining or filtration, indigenous yeasts. Very fruity and juicy wines which will require a few hours of aeration before being tasted.

Indications of the back label (sometimes it is pleasant for us to copy the informations generously given by the producers, it simplifies our life, and it pleases Google):

This beverage is made from different grape varieties from several terroirs, vinified naturally, without input, native yeasts, unfined, unfiltered, without the addition of so2. The beading is a natural stabilizer.

Serving tips: "Natural" wines require some effort to make you experience great moments. Three steps will be necessary before tasting this wine in good conditions:

1) Remove the cork (otherwise the wine will not come out...) to do this, attack directly through the wax with your favorite corkscrew. Screw three or four turns, remove the 2 cm plugs, blow to remove the wax that has crumbled, clean the work surface and completely remove the plug.

2) Serve some bottoms of glasses to lower the level of wine in the bottle, your guests will say to you "what's your thing, it stings on the tongue?!" or won't tell you anything, because they are polite. Forgive the unconsciousness of your guests and shake the bottle several times (With your finger on the neck, eh! Otherwise, clean the worktop again) to release the pschitt and the co2 which protects the wine, repeat the operation several times until removing the beading on the attack (we understand each other).

3) Ask your guests to taste objectively and share a pleasant moment, because after all, that's why you taste wines.

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Data sheet

75 cl
Grape(s) variety
Gamay, Trousseau, Enfariné and old variety from Jura
Non vintage
Red wine
% alc.

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