Charles Heidsieck - Brut Réserve - Mis en cave en 1995
  • Charles Heidsieck - Brut Réserve - Mis en cave en 1995
  • Charles Heidsieck cellared in 1995
  • Old bottle of Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve
  • Order an Charles Heidsieck bottle of Champagne
  • Old Champagne bottle price ?
  • Champagne vintage 1995 in Switzerland

Charles Heidsieck - Champagne Brut Réserve - Cellared in 1995

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Charles Heidsieck - Brut Réserve - Cellared in 1995, disgorged in the second half of 1998

Charles Heidsieck is a champagne house founded in 1851 by Charles-Camille Heidsieck when he was 29 years old. Charles Heidsieck champagnes combine elegance and delicacy, they are champagnes for connoisseurs.

A Brut Réserve cuvée already contains a lot of reserve wines (40%), with an average of 10 years of age, which guarantees an incomparable texture that is the hallmark of the Charles style.

This non-vintage brut reserve cuvée is the first Champagne wine to carry its cellaring year. By offering different years, with a minimum aging of 3 years, Charles Heidsieck allows you to fully appreciate the evolution of aromas and tastes over time.

These bottles have a superb provenance and have aged in the best conditions from their acquisition to their launch on the market.

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75 cl
Grape(s) variety
Cellared in 1995
Sparkling wine
% alc.

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