Buy Volnay 1er Cru En Champans 1983 - Pierre Bouley
  • Buy Volnay 1er Cru En Champans 1983 - Pierre Bouley
  • Buy Volnay Champans 1983
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Volnay En Champans 1983 - 1er cru - Pierre Bouley

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Volnay is this "small" appellation of the Côtes de Beaune whose popularity continues to grow. The locomotive of this appellation is very probably this appellation "Champans" famous thanks to Marquis d'Angerville  or, to be exact "En Champans" which is the real name of the "climat". A climat is a small piece of land, located within an appellation and whose geological and meteorological specificities have a strong influence on the character of the wines.

For example "En Champans" is right there in the middle of Volnay:

Volnay En Champans 

The Volnay "En Champans" are considered to be the most feminine wines of Burgundy. And, without hearing the sweet song of marketing, it is true that wines from this climat have a particular charm. We strongly advise you to take an interest in them before their total disappearance from the market.

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