Château Marquis de Terme 1973 - Margaux
  • Château Marquis de Terme 1973 - Margaux
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Marquis de Terme 1973 - Margaux

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Level: High-shoulder

Color: Perfect

Label  Torn and stained

Overall condition: Good

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Marquis de Terme 1973 - Margaux

Château Marquis de Terme is the estate's first wine. The grapes come from 39 hectares of thick gravel rich in quartz and quartzite. This allows Cabernet Sauvignon, the main grape variety, to give the best of itself. It is present at 60% of the cuvée, to be complemented by Merlot and Petit Verdot.

Do you know where the name of the Margaux appellation comes from? From the Gallic "margan" which means "marly". The terroir of Margaux is exceptional and brings together the greatest number of Grands Crus Classés thanks to its particularly well-drained soils, allowing the vines to take root up to 5 meters, so it is well nourished even in dry periods.

Aging takes place in oak barrels for 16 to 18 months. This skilful work is designed to create fine, elegant, balanced and absolutely modern wines.

The 1973 vintage in Bordeaux is not the most famous, because of the rains that occurred at the time of the harvest, but you don't choose your year of birth or that of your wife. Nevertheless, estates accustomed to producing quality wines always do very well in, shall we say, more capricious years.

For a wine almost 50 years old, the level is honorable, the color perfect, essential criteria in our eyes, even if the label is stained.

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75 cl
Grape(s) variety
Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot - Petit Verdot
Red wine

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