Lynch Bages 1966 - Pauillac
  • Lynch Bages 1966 - Pauillac
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Lynch Bages 1966 - Pauillac

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Level: Mid-shoulders (which is perfectly normal for a 1966 bottle)

Color: Perfect

Label: Stained

Stopper and cap: Superb, the stopper has never moved, no trace of sagging.

Overall condition: Very good

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Chez Wuat Christophe has always had a great love for Lynch Bages. It is indeed with this wine that the passion was born. We don't mess with Lynch!

Lynch has always embodied Pauillac in its purest style. Powerful and very difficult to taste in the early years, it becomes magnificent and unique with age.

This bottle comes from a magnificent collector's cellar from where it never moved until November 2021 to join our natural cellar. The provenance, the very beautiful color, the right level for a 1966 wine, the absence of coulure or trace and the excellent condition of the cork are signs that point to a very great wine.

Serving tip: 1966 is a very great vintage in Pauillac. This bottle is intended for lovers of old wines. The important matter present in the wines of this period will very probably generate deposits. You will therefore have to decant this wonder, by candlelight for purists.

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Data sheet

75 cl
Grape(s) variety
75% Cabernet Sauvignon / 15% Merlot / 10% Cabernet Franc
Red wine
% alc.

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