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Almaviva EPU 2011 - Puente Alto - Chile
  • Almaviva EPU 2011 - Puente Alto - Chile
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Almaviva EPU 2011 - Puente Alto - Chile

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Vina Almaviva EPU 2011

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Vina Almaviva EPU 2011 - Puente Alto - Chile

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Almaviva is a Chilean wine created in 1997 in Puento Alto. It is the result of the collaboration between La Maisons Rothschild and Concha Y Toro. The first vintage of this high-end wine was born in 1998.

France brings its know-how and its grape varieties, Chile its terroir and its climatic particularities.

Almaviva wines are essentially composed of Bordeaux and Spanish grape varieties. We thus find Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot aged in French oak barrels.

Almaviva wines are powerful, rich and generally have immense aging potential.

About the 2011 EPU vintage:

Epu means number two in Mapudungun, a language spoken by the inhabitants of southern Chile. This is therefore Almaviva's second wine.

The 2011 Chilean vintage was generally very good. The growing season was much cooler than normal, but long and steady. Despite the general cold, the stable conditions allowed the vines to develop slowly but well. The dry conditions also prevented rot and disease and the grapes were generally very healthy.

The resulting wines were extremely elegant and refined, with the reds taking on more savory notes typical of cooler climate wines. The 2011 Chilean vintage is considered one of the best in years for restrained and sophisticated reds. The best examples will likely be very good to drink now and will likely cellar for some time.

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Puente Alto
Red wine
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