Grand Siècle "Arum" - Laurent Perrier
  • Grand Siècle "Arum" - Laurent Perrier
  • Grand Siècle "Arum" - Laurent Perrier
  • Grand Siècle "Arum" - Laurent Perrier
  • Champagne Grand Siècle - Laurent Perrier
  • Champagne Grand Siècle - Laurent Perrier
  • Nice tasting of old Laurent Perrier grand siècle in magnum
  • Old vintage Laurent Perrier Grand siècle nice bottles

Grand Siècle "Arum" - Laurent Perrier

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Year 2000' in its box

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CUVEE GRAND SIECLE - LAURENT PERRIER "Arum" edition end of the 90's early 2000's

The Grand Siècle cuvée is the prestigious champagne of the Laurent Perrier house. She was born in 1959.

It is a non-vintage cuvée, a rarity among high-end champagnes, but which brings together three exceptional years assembled with respect for ancestral know-how by uniting the best crus and the best grape varieties.

It is a champagne with a unique style that is as pleasant to drink now as after a few years of ageing.

At WUAT, we had the opportunity to taste it several times and each time with great pleasure. Among the great cuvées, this is our favorite.

Laurent Perrier's Cuvée Grand Siècle (GC for short) is an exception among the great cuvées of Champagne.

It is the only one that is not systematically vintage. It is a blend of 3 complementary vintages. One will bring the freshness, the other the structure and a last the aromatic.

"The Grand Siècle cuvée is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to come across" said a great man one day.

To allow you to see a little more clearly, there are three packaging for three different production periods.

- Bottles with golden labels (sun king style) and colored caps produced until 1996

- Full black "Arum" bottles, two glossy labels produced between 1996 and 2000

- The full black bottles, matte label produced since.

Many variants have since been added, collector's editions or vintage numbers N°17, N°24, but that's another story.

The GC appeals as much to the great amateurs and connoisseurs of champagnes as to the discoverers, you know those who "do not like Champagne because it stings the nose and it foams in the belly" 100% conversion to date for our friends.

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75 cl
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Non vintage
Sparkling wine
% alc.

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